Dec 11, 2018

2018 Year End Promotion - Advantages of the AVQ1022 vs AVQ1020

Avateq is offering an end of year promotion to upgrade AVQ1020 hardware to the power of AVQ1022.

In 2012, Avateq introduced AVQ1020 RF Layer Monitoring Receiver. Today, hundreds of TV Stations are monitoring their transmitters with the AVQ1020. In 2017 we introduced a more robust platform, AVQ1022:

Advantages of the AVQ1022 vs AVQ1020:

  • * ATSC3.0 ready
  • * Faster data processing
  • * Extended Tech Support
  • * New signal analysis and monitoring tools

Limited Time Offer!

 2018 Year End Promotion - AVQ1020 Upgrade

Contact us for details!


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