Apr 22, 2019

Avateq Corp. would like to thank you for taking your time visiting our booth this year at NAB2019!

We hope you enjoyed your visit!

The exhibition was a success and a great opportunity for us to share our innovations and latest technology solutions:

- NEW AVQ100 - RF Signal Inspector, Cost-effective Off-air Signal Analysis for ATSC1.0. (Link to page - AVQ100)

- NEW AVQ200 - RF Signal Inspector, Off-air monitoring with Transport Stream output for ATSC3.0.  

- NEW AVQ1020 2nd generation, high-quality RF  measurements for transmitter output. ATSC1.0 & ATSC3.0. (Link to page - AVQ1020)

- AVQ1022 - RF Signal Analyzer, high-quality RF measurements for terrestrial (transmitter and Off-air, ATSC1.0 & ATSC3.0) and satellite broadcasting. (Link to page - AVQ1022).

Thank you for visiting Avateq at NAB2019

If you missed the chance to see the demo of our products, contact us.


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