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AVQ1020 - ActiveCore® RF Layer Monitoring Receiver and Signal Analyzer

ATSC RF Layer Monitoring Receiver (AVQ1020ATSC)




  • Monitoring and measurement at RF Modulated Layer at ATSC transmitter output
  • Real performance metrics of ATSC transmission system
  • Cost effectiveness solution for 24/7 remote monitoring of ATSC modulated RF signal quality for local and remote transposers, re-broadcast links, repeaters and unmanned sites
  • Comprehensive set of critical RF measurements including signal MER/SNR, frequency spectrum, shoulder attenuation or ACLR, frequency shift, etc.
  • Estimation of ATSC signal distortions at the transmitter system output caused by the system non-linearity and band-path filtering
  • Early indication of signal degradation as a result of the transmitter system components aging or operational parameters variations
  • An embedded solution of remote applications, in-filed diagnostics, production testing and design verification
  • Flexible solution with the in-filed  upgrade  capability including diagnostic and monitoring features that can be tuned to meet the most demanding requirements of customer's application
  • Rich plotting capabilities for data visualization during ATSC systems measurements and test
  • Transmitter site monitoring device with rich set of hardware interfaces
  • Event log


Based on Avateq's ActiveCore® Platform, AVQ1020ATSC is an embedded RF layer monitoring receiver and signal analyzer for A/53 and A/153 ATSC Digital Television Standards. It has been designed as an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for remote monitoring digital transmitter systems performance and transmitted signal quality and, therefore, ensuring consistent Quality of Service (QoS) of the network. The receiver can be integrated into a transmitter system for remote monitoring applications or used as a stand-alone unit during design verification and production tests.

“Yes, it [AVQ1020ATSC] is now installed at its “final resting place” at KSMO’s transmitter.  I’m pleased with its performance.  It immediately allowed me to make improvements in the transmitted mask shoulders by allowing me to see the changes I made in the exciter."
MR, Broadcast Engineer
KCTV (Kansas City, MO)

In the context where broadcasters are more and more concerned about providing the highest QoS with extending coverage of the existing transmitters and, at the same time, reducing their network OPEX costs and limiting impact on the environment, AVQ1020 ActiveCore® RF Layer Monitoring Receiver line of products addresses broadcasting industry today's the most demanding needs for monitoring and diagnostic.

The receiver allows not only monitoring ATSC signal parameters but also can be used for estimation and characterization of the transmitter system performance - distortions introduced by the amplification and filtering chains. The unique functionality allows the receiver to be also used for estimation of critical RF parameters of high power amplifier performance on real ATSC modulated signals.

The ActiveCore monitoring receiver is available as a stand-alone unit (1U) and an OEM module.

Available Measurements and Metrics:

  • Signal statistic: MER/SNR, signal RMS, PAR, maximum peak value, signal CCDF;
  • Frequency spectrum, shoulder attenuation;
  • Signal bandwidth and standard specific parameters;
  • Effects of the transmission system non-linearity in terms of AM-AM/AM-PM curves measured on the broadcasted ATSC signal;
  • Linear distortions found in the output RF signal - signal-group delay and frequency response;
  • Results of the non-linearity and linearity measurements recalculated in a form of complex LUT and FIR suitable for pre-correction;
  • Complex channel estimation for re-broadcasting applications;
  • Multipath echo and feedback interference detection, estimation and visualization;

Technical Specification:

Main signal input "RF in":
Connector: 50 Ohm, N-type
Level: 0 .. -40 dBm, -20 dBm optimum
Frequency range: 50 .. 1000 MHz (an extended up to 2200 MHz frequency
range is available upon Customer's request)
Frequency tuning step: 10 Hz
Analyzed bandwidth: ≥ 50 MHz
Reference frequency:
10 MHz: 50 Ohm, BNC, 1Vp-p, sine
Control and Monitor ports:
Ethernet: RJ45, 10/100/1000 Fast Ethernet
Serial: DB9F, RS232
Relay control (x2): DB9M
Power Supply:
1U stand-alone unit: 110-250V, 50/60 Hz AC
Operating temperature: 0 .. 50, °C
1U stand-alone unit: 19" x 13" x 1.75"

Monitored parameters:

Signal: PAR, RMS
Spectral: Bandwidth, Frequency shift, Peak-to-Average Power, Shoulder Attenuation
Standard-specific parameters:
ATSC A/53 and A/153

- Spectral mask;
- ATSC pilot Amplitude and Phase Errors;
- AM-AM amd AM-PM signal errors;
- Group Delay

Non-linear - AM-AM, AM-PM curve;
- Output complex LUT array is available for DPD.
Linear - Amplitude and Phase response;
- Output complex FIR coefficients available for DPD.
Default set of alarms: - Spectrum shoulder levels/mask;
- Signal MER/SNR;
- Frequency Shift.
Application specific alarm events: User defined set of parameters and their thresholds
Plotting capabilities:
Available plots: - Spectrum;
- Constellation;
- Eye diagram;
- Channel Amplitude and Phase responses;
- SFN impulse responses/CIR;
- SNR/MER/EVM variation history;
- Shoulder attenuation history
  - WEB GUI;
- Host based GUI (PC GUI)
- SNMP agent;
- Simplified machine-to-machine protocol;
- Event and Alarm log.


  • ATSC/8VSB transmitter/repeater performance monitor
  • Remote monitoring for broadcasting repeater system network
  • Test and design verification equipment
  • ATSC/8VSB signal analyzer for a wide variety of applications
  • R&D
  • In-field and production testing

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AVQ1020ATSC-ActiveCore® RF Layer Monitoring Receiver for ATSC Datasheet (PDF)

WebGUI Demonstration


ATSC Monitoring Receiver - Main Screen
ATSC Monitoring Receiver - Spectrum Window
ATSC Monitoring Receiver - Eye Diagram
ATSC Monitoring Receiver - NLP
ATSC Monitoring Receiver - NLP
ATSC Monitoring Receiver - NLP

Application Block-Diagram

ATSC Monitoring Receiver Application Block-Diagram

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