ActiveCore® RF Signal Analyzer and Monitoring Receiver

The AVQ1022 platform has been built from the ground up to respond to our customers' feedback on new features and capabilities. With 10 times faster processing speed, wider input frequency range, and new hardware options (internal GPS/GLONASS receiver, etc.), AVQ1022 platform extends the functionality of a remote RF layer monitoring receiver into a universal RF signal analytical device for transmitter output, off-air, and satellite broadcast monitoring with customizable alarm system, data storage and online reporting.


Technical Specification:

Supported Standards1: ATSC1.0, ATSC3.0, DVB-S/S2 with DVB-CID, ISDB-T/Tb, DAB/DAB+, DTMB
Main signal input "RFin":
Connector: 50 Ohm, N-type
Input Level: +5 .. -70 dBm
Frequency tuning step: 1 Hz
Frequency range:
Terrestrial: 50 .. 1000 MHz
Satellite: 950 .. 2150 MHz
Reference frequency:
External: 1PPS: LVTTL, BNC
10 MHz: 50 Ohm, BNC, 1Vp-p,sine
Internal: Integrated GPS/GLONASS Receiver2
Ant. connector F-type, 75 Ohm
Control and Monitor ports:
Ethernet: RJ45 10/100/1000
Relay ports (x2): Dry contacts, DB9F
Form Factors:
Standard 1U: 48.3cm x 40.6cm x 4.3cm
19" x 16" x 1.7"
Portable: 35cm x 26cm x 6.6cm
13.8" x 10.2" x 2.6"
Operating temperature: 0 .. 50°C
Power Supply: 1U: 110-250V, 50/60Hz AC
Portable: 12VDC, 3 Amp
1 - Subject to licensing;
2 - Optional GPS/GLONASS module;

Measurements and Metrics:

  • » RF signal level and its variations;
  • » In-band interference power spectral density;
  • » Echo profile with monitoring capabilities for SFN applications;
  • » Signal statistic: MER/SNR, signal RMS, PAPR, maximum peak value, signal CCDF, peak compression ratio;
  • » Frequency spectrum including the spectrum tilt, amplitude ripple, shoulder attenuation;
  • » Signal bandwidth and standard specific parameters;
  • » Effects of the transmission system non-linearity in terms of AM-AM/AM-PM curves measured on the broadcasted signal;
  • » Linear distortions found in the output RF signal - group delay and frequency response;
  • » Multipath echo and feedback interference detection, estimation and visualization.


  • » Digital transmitter/repeater performance 24/7 QoS monitor;
  • » Remote monitoring for broadcasting repeater system network;
  • » Test and design verification equipment;
  • » Signal analyzer for a wide variety of applications;
  • » R & D;
  • » In-field and production testing.



AVQ1022DVBS - Spectrum

AVQ1022DVBS Spectrum Plot with In-band Interference

AVQ1022DVBS - Constellation

AVQ1022DVBS - Constellation

AVQ1022DVBS Carrier ID (DVB-CID) decoding

AVQ1022DVBS Carrier ID (DVB-CID) decoding

AVQ1022DAB - SFN network monitoring

AVQ1022DAB - SFN network monitoring

AVQ1022DAB AM-AM/AM-PM Diagram

AVQ1022DAB AM-AM/AM-PM Diagram

AVQ1022ATSC - ATSC3.0 PLP decoding

AVQ1022ATSC - ATSC3.0 PLP decoding

AVQ1022ATSC - ATSC3.0 LLS information

AVQ1022ATSC - ATSC3.0 LLS information

AVQ1022ATSC - ATSC1.0 Eye diagram

AVQ1022ATSC - ATSC1.0 Eye diagram

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NAB 2020

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April 19 - 22, 2020



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