Aug 28, 2017

AVQ1022DVBS now supports DVB-S2X monitoring and DVB-CID decoding

New standard support and CID decoding functionality opens new markets for AVQ1022DVBS.

DVB-S2X has been crowned as the most efficient digital satellite broadcast standard. It offers efficiency gains up to 51% over DVB-S2 and can expand existing applications and open possibilities for new ones.

As DVB-S2X standard is being rolled out by satellite operators worldwide, Avateq's new AVQ1022DVBS RF Layer Monitoring Receiver and Signal Analyzer with DVB-S2X support can provide cost-effective remote monitoring and assist in signal quality assessment. In addition, In-band Interference monitoring with DVB-CID decoding secures and gives peace of mind in broadcast operations.

AVQ1022DVBS Spectrum with In-Band Interference and CID

AVQ1022DVBS Spectrum
with In-Band Interference and CID

AVQ1022DVBS 256APSKL Constellation

AVQ1022DVBS 256APSKL Constellation

AVQ1022DVBS features a comprehensive alarm system with customizable notification functionality (e-mail, SNMP traps, etc.) and control options to timely react in case of emergency.

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