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Intelligent Engineering Solutions

Idea | Concept | Implementation

Avateq Expertise

Serving Industries

We develop and manufacture products that solve complex engineering tasks and, at the same time, remain practical, cost-effective and user-friendly. Here is a list of fields of our expertise:

Signal Synthesis and Analysis

Remote Monitoring

Broadcasting and Communication

Data and Content Delivery

Error Detection and Correction

Virtual Instrumentation

Avateq Services

Hardware Design

  • Project Concept and Detailed Specification
  • System level and Architectural Design
  • Component selection
  • Prototyping

Software Design

  • Firmware and Application level development
  • Embedded application development
  • Web-based software
  • Remote access and integration

DSP Development

  • DSP chain design
  • Multi-rate processing algorithms
  • Signal restoration and noise removal
  • In-band interference and distortion estimation and visualization
  • Spectral and time domain analysis
  • Signal synthesis and analysis for a wide range of applications
  • Effective Coding/Decoding techniques

FPGA Development

  • DSP cores
  • Industry Standard and Customized Interfaces
  • Specialized high efficiency processing cores


  • Mathematical models for the most demanding real-life applications
  • Simulating packages and test-benches
  • Processing algorithms for platforms with limited resources

Recent Works

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