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Our Projects

Adaptive Pre-distorter for a wide range of signals

- DSP firmware, FPGA cores, h/w platform
- Designed Adaptive pre-distorter for signals wit high Peak-to-Average Ratio compensates non-linear and linear distortions caused by imperfections of the signal distribution and amplification components.

Versatile Simulation Package and Processing Environment for Signal Synthesis and Analysis

- DSP firmware, processing algorithms
- A simulation and development environment for signal synthesis and analysis suitable for a wide range of engineering and design needs. I allows entering experimental data from signal capturing equipment and process the signal with detailed analysis of the signal characteristics.

Stakhov’s Code based IP core for Multiple Errors Detection and Correction

- FPGA cores and firmware
- Designed an FPGA based IP core for detection and correction multiple errors using Stakhov’s coding schemes. High probability of the errors detection and correction makes the scheme and core suitable for mission critical embedded systems.

Remote Instrumentation WEB interface and Design Framework

- WEB Layout, Software and Design Framework
- Graphical User Interface and software design framework for remote access to customers’ instrumentation equipment with controlling, result displaying, plotting and report generation functionality. Based on Socket technology and JSON files interface the software can be adapted or used as a starting design point for a wide range of custom applications.

Adaptive Multi-window Echo and Noise Canceller

- DSP firmware, FPGA cores, h/w platform
- Adaptive Echo and Noise Canceller for signal re-broadcasting applications requiring extending coverage area and improving QoS.

Versatile Multi-standard Signal Analyzer

- DSP firmware, FPGA cores, Software, h/w platform
- RF signal Analyzer for terrestrial broadcast and satellite communication applications is used for estimation of signal quality with different modulation, coding and error protection schemes.

Transmitter System and Coverage Area Signal Monitor

- DSP firmware, FPGA cores, Software, h/w platform
- Signal Monitors are used for 24/7 day-by-day signal monitoring at a transmitter system output and/or at a point of the service coverage area. A sophisticated alarm engine allows signal abnormalities detection and automatic alarm event triggering including SNMP trap or email notification.

SFN Monitor with In-band Interference Estimator

- DSP firmware, FPGA cores, Software, h/w platform
- Single Frequency Network (SFN) monitoring device for estimation and visualization of SFN profile composed by several signal sources synchronized on frequency and time domains. The device also extracts, estimates and visualizes in-band interference caused intermodulation products, co- or adjacent channel signals, etc.

Carrier ID Detector and Decoder

- DSP firmware, FPGA cores, Software
- The solution allows detecting and decoding DVB-CID with low SNR. It also calculates the CID signal power spectrum as a part of the main or dominating signal.

Heart Rhythm Recognition and Recovery

- DSP firmware, Software
- The designed software-based solution and a set of processing algorithms allows restoring heart rhythm from very noisy cardio signals.

Modular System for Signal Capturing and Processing

- DSP firmware, FPGA cores, Software, h/w platform
- The designed system targets to applications required RF signal acquisition and processing. A highly configurable modular design offers a cost-effective solution for a wide range of signal waveforms, frequency and bandwidth. It also allows remote data streaming.

Framework for Parameter Management in Customers’ Applications

- Software package
- The framework allows real-time communication and parameter updates. An aggregated data can be displayed in various formats, including plots, charts, tables, etc.

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